[24]7.ai brings conversational Chatbots to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — 7.ai has announced that the company’s flagship product 7 AIVA now extends its conversational and transactional capabilities to support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This new capability is part of the 7.ai Spring 2018 Release. The Spring 2018 Release also includes enhancements to 7 Personalization, updates to the self-service publishing tool within 7 AIVA, and improvements to 7 Chat that includes a more intuitive console for live agents.

According to a recent research study, more than 7.5 billion virtual personal assistants will be in use by 2021. As these types of machine-assisted voice interactions increase globally, the new voice enabled capability within 7 AIVA enables companies to have conversational and transactional interactions with customers through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant worldwide.

Common interaction models and enterprise integration will allow enterprises to extend an ongoing conversation through a single thread that crosses all voice and digital channels. These channels could include a web browser, smart phone or virtual personal assistant.

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With clients that include the world’s top financial services, insurance, hospitality, retail and telecom companies, 7 AIVA now handles more than one million sessions per month. While customer interactions become increasingly automated, 7.ai ensures that a human agent can transition smoothly into the conversation as needed.

“We are continuously looking for ways to empower companies to improve their customers’ experience,” said Scott Horn, chief marketing officer for 7.ai. “Our vision includes enabling consumers to interact with bots in the channel of their choice, including Alexa and Google Assistant, and enabling agents to do that easily as well. With this release, we are making it easier for brands and consumers to have one continuous conversation, across time, across channels and devices.”

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