8X8 launches portal to drive channel partner onboarding and customer sales

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – 8×8, Inc. has launched 8×8 PartnerXchange, a new online portal that enables channel partners to effectively and efficiently manage their 8×8-related business and drive sales of 8×8 solutions.

PartnerXchange is a single platform that makes it easier for partners to do business with 8×8 globally.

“PartnerXchange enables us to drive efficiencies, while reducing friction, through automation and business management, making it easier and faster for our channel community to do business with us,” said John DeLozier, VP and Channel Chief, 8×8. “There are a host of real-time features with a specific focus on simplified processes and more robust information exchange. PartnerXchange provides a single management platform for visibility into channel partner activities and analytics, enabling us to have a continuous pulse on the business.”

Enablement for channel partners

PartnerXchange enables the 8×8 partner community to:

  • Quickly submit deal registrations and connect to information needed to drive sales
  • Locate partner-ready marketing tools to generate demand
  • Access real-time status on sales opportunities and support cases
  • Click through to access training and certification
  • Access self-service capabilities for administrators

On the business enablement side, PartnerXchange provides:

  • Enhanced deal registration, providing more flexibility and speed
  • Instant partner registration with PartnerXperience case creation and management to increase customer case visibility and make it easier to escalate

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