Alight drives payroll transformation via intelligent virtual assistant solution

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Alight Solutions, a leader in benefits, payroll and cloud deployment solutions, has announced the creation of Eloise, an intelligent virtual assistant that will drive payroll processing into a new era.

The payroll function is becoming increasingly complex as companies struggle to keep pace with accelerating technology and shifting workforce demographics that affect how they pay their people.

Patented AI algorithm

Using a patented artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, Eloise dramatically changes the way companies will experience and participate in the payroll process. Eloise analyzes historic pay data to detect, classify and correct anomalies, and through machine learning, she can continuously glean information from past anomalies that will inform future predictions. Eloise delivers payroll with 100 percent quality consistency across the entire population eliminating stress, time, duplicative effort and incomplete payroll validations.

Deepening the impact of HR

“Eloise marks Alight’s latest achievement in technology innovation that transforms the role of HR,” explained Brannon Lacey, chief solution & strategy officer at Alight. “We’re leveraging machine learning to automate time-intensive processes and create efficiencies that enable payroll processors to focus on higher-value matters and serve as strategic advisors—deepening the impact that HR can have on the business.”

Eloise’s key feature is its automated paycheck anomaly detection and correction capability, where it researches potential paycheck errors, at the per employee, per earning and aggregate pay levels, to correct known anomalies and provides recommendations for new corrections. In addition, it constantly assesses and audits payroll data to alert payroll processors of errors caused by dropped files, incomplete calculations or human error.

Additional features to be added in the future include:

  • Input anomaly detection and correction: Eloise will actively prevent “bad” data entries at the source and provide recommendations for autocorrecting small and bulk data sets, while also tracking and pushing text notifications for approvals.
  • Automated digital checklist: Eloise will provide a digital checklist to payroll processors to ensure timely action and accuracy, as well as a dashboard with macro-level data analysis and insights that inform future payroll decision-making.
  • Payee anomaly detection and correction/transaction ability: Eloise will allow employees to review and edit their paycheck details before they are finalized and push text notifications to employees regarding missing or incomplete information.