Aryaka introduces HybridWAN to its global managed SD-WAN solution

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Aryaka has introduced HybridWAN to the company’s global managed SD-WAN solution.

HybridWAN extends Aryaka’s Global Managed SD-WAN solution to sites where a combination of Aryaka’s Layer 2 core connectivity and Aryaka-managed internet connectivity will provide a more flexible experience. The Aryaka core option offers guaranteed performance for business-critical traffic, while the internet option offers cost-effective transport for non-priority traffic, an ‘internet-first’ paradigm for enterprise connectivity that tracks the ‘cloud-first’ paradigm for applications. This also helps enterprises consolidate their branch appliances resulting in a lower TCO.

The enterprise WAN has evolved from leased lines and other legacy technologies such as MPLS to a true hybrid infrastructure that combines the best of multiple options. At the same time, as WANs become more complex, outsourcing has become a major factor, where the enterprise focuses on their core business while leveraging the public cloud and managed services. This announcement paves the way for accelerated SD-WAN adoption by these enterprises as the market hits its stride.

Zone-based firewalls and multi-tenancy

Aryaka’s HybridWAN is combined with two additional innovations to help secure SD-WAN adoption; zone-based firewall capabilities and micro-segmentation in support of multi-tenancy. These innovations are made possible by the richness and flexibility of the Aryaka service, which integrates edge intelligence, security, application optimization and visibility to deliver a seamless HybridWAN experience to the enterprise. Zones extend Aryaka’s existing north-south access firewall to east-west, such as separating employee, DMZ and external LANs. Micro-segmentation then extends this partitioning, either within a single enterprise or as part of a multi-tenant branch, across the SD-WAN.

First truly global managed SD-WAN Service

“Aryaka has been at the forefront of these two trends, offering the first truly global managed SD-WAN Service,” said Shashi Kiran, CMO of Aryaka. “We’re now enhancing this even further with additional flexibility and choice, but not at the expense of added complexity, such as when an enterprise must manage different WAN providers and technologies or a traditional MPLS service where direct cloud connectivity takes extra effort.”

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