Asana management solution integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud and other essential tools

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Asana has launched Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams, an end-to-end management solution for teams to oversee their entire marketing and design process from start to finish.

The suite of new features and integrations are now available in Asana’s recently launched product offering, Asana Business. “In our always-on digital era, companies are asking their marketing and creative teams to create more content, for more channels than ever before,” said Dave King, Head of Marketing, Asana.

“As a result, today’s top marketing teams recognize that optimizing their process is even more important than optimizing their channels. Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams is helping the world’s best brands, from Sony Music to National Geographic to Bobbi Brown to LVMH, cut the chaos of coordinating campaigns in spreadsheets and emails by serving as the source of truth for managing their marketing and design process.”

Single system management solution

Asana for Marketing and Creative teams delivers a single system to set marketing team objectives, coordinate global marketing campaigns and manage the entire creative production process from initial brief to final asset delivery.

New features of Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams include:

Forms: Asana Forms standardize the creative intake process by gathering the critical details teams need to centralize their work in one place.

Proofing: Proofing allows stakeholders to leave specific, actionable feedback on images so creative teams know what needs to be done in order to complete their work on time and as effortlessly as possible.

Approvals: Asana’s approvals workflow with custom field notifications keeps all project participants updated on what stage work is in and what needs to happen next, resulting in an airtight approval process.

Portfolios: Serving as mission control for teams’ most important initiatives, Portfolios provides a real-time view into how the marketing strategy is progressing against campaign objectives, eliminating the manual work of piecing together information and status updates.

Essential tools integration

Asana for Marketing and Creative Teams integrates with the everyday essential tools marketers rely on most, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Litmus, Dropbox and Slack. Marketing and creative teams no longer have to toggle between multiple applications, ensuring that wherever the work is happening, it is simultaneously reflected in Asana.

“Asana’s integration with Creative Cloud streamlines work by reducing the amount of time spent coordinating across tools, ultimately improving cross-team collaboration and expediting the time spent getting creative from concept to channel placement,” said Vijay Vacanti, Director of Platform & Partner Ecosystem for Creative Cloud at Adobe.

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