Avanade becomes first authorised training partner for Blue Prism

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — New designation enables Avanade to offer clients robotic process automation (RPA) software training as part of their virtual workforce solution.

Blue Prism is a market leader in robotic process automation (RPA), delivering an elastic, multi-faceted and multi-talented digital workforce, helping organizations automate and scale business processes via artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, intelligent automation and sentiment analysis.

“At Avanade, we’re helping our clients drive forward their digital workplace transformations which includes a huge focus on the employees and the culture of the organization,” said Craig Wood, Avanade Executive for Intelligent Automation. “As an authorised training partner, we’re now able to bring the best of both worlds — implementing innovative client solutions for their virtual workforce and delivering support and training on Blue Prism RPA solutions.”

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“RPA is a key catalyst for driving enterprise-wide digital transformation,” said Neil Wright, Chief Customer Officer at Blue Prism. “As the adoption of our RPA software continues to skyrocket globally, it’s imperative that customers have access to quality training. Having Avanade as an authorised training partner will help make Blue Prism more widely accessible to enterprises across a variety of industries.”

Supported by an industrialized automation factory and the Microsoft Azure cloud, Avanade possesses the expertise and knowledge that helps its clients optimize the potential of RPA for their business. To date, Avanade has delivered more than 6,000 automated processes for 350+ clients around the world across a range of industries.

The training Avanade can provide at highly scalable automation factories in its Global Advanced Technology Centers is a blend of standard Blue Prism training courses, as well as Avanade-developed training courses. Avanade holds more than 24,000 certifications in Microsoft technology, 5,000+ Azure cloud certifications and more than 3,500 automation experts, including 300 cognitive experts and 1,200 RPA experts.

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