Capgemini launches strategic initiative to aggressively expand its cloud capabilities with Amazon Web Services

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Capgemini is launching a strategic initiative to accelerate enterprise digital transformation via its cloud capabilities with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The partnership will help clients to increase their business insights, agility, security and cost effectiveness to drive improvements in their business performance.

Increasing attention to the needs of European clients, Capgemini and AWS will focus on SAP migrations, mass application migrations, accelerated data centre modernisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud has fundamentally changed the economic landscape for many enterprises. Faced with disruptions from both existing players and new competition in parallel industries, many enterprises are now under significant pressure to maintain and improve their competitive advantage. Earlier this year, research by Capgemini found that cloud leaders are building more than 20% of their applications in the cloud, driven by the need to improve velocity, collaboration, and customer experience.

This new initiative combines AWS’s comprehensive ecosystem of cloud technologies with Capgemini’s global expertise in applications, on-premises infrastructure and cloud managed services to drive time-to-market reduction, productivity gains and cost savings. It will also open up new business opportunities for enterprises through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and innovative customer interfaces.

Aiman Ezzat, Group Executive Board member and Chief Operating Officer at Capgemini said, “Our clients look for global scale and excellence in digital transformation, enabled by cloud technologies. With a commitment to scaling our AWS capabilities we can bring to our clients’ digital journeys both operational efficiencies and the power of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Andy Isherwood, Vice President and Managing Director EMEA, Amazon Web Services, Inc. said, “Capgemini has already helped many customers leverage the scale, security, and agility of AWS services to innovate on the cloud. This new business group will help organisations of all sizes accelerate their adoption of cloud technologies, and we look forward to collaborating with them to help even more customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

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The first focus of the initiative will be on:

  • Migration of enterprise SAP implementations to AWS to help enhance operational efficiency, allowing greater enterprise agility, cost effectiveness, security and the surfacing of new insights to drive business performance
  • Accelerated application renewal for the enterprise through mass application migration to deliver managed services and solutions on AWS and build new cloud native applications leveraging the extensive AWS ecosystem
  • Accelerated data centre modernisation strategies by leveraging VMware cloud on AWS to deliver an end-to-end hybrid cloud solution, to help maximise clients’ existing on-premises data centre investments
  • Support for European and global enterprises to maximise the top line business opportunities from GDPR, including to help meet compliance needs and use data more strategically

As part of this new focus, Capgemini plans to innovate and build end-to-end solutions and accelerators in collaboration with AWS, leveraging the global network of Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchanges (AIEs) to infuse automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning into customer solutions. One example is the integration of Amazon Alexa with customer data to create both new interactions and increased customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector. Capgemini holds more than 700 AWS certifications including associate and professional level certifications and plans to add 5,400 certifications to support this initiative. This initiative with AWS builds upon the two organisations’ ten-year relationship. Capgemini is a Premier Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and an AWS Managed Service Partner.

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