Capita teams up with Microsoft and Citrix to create world’s first user-centric workspace service

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Designed to replace the traditional IT desktop service, Workspace Agility brings together the capabilities of Capita, Microsoft and Citrix to deliver a solution which not only delivers a highly flexible workspace but also provides a unique self-service support model, all delivered and managed from the cloud.

The new service gives users access to all the applications and data they need from any device and location, offering the convenience and efficiency of self-service, identity management and interactive support. The user-centric service is set to change the way users engage with their IT, delivering a consumer experience similar to the one they have in their personal lives.

Recognising the need to balance flexibility with security, the service uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), powered by Microsoft Azure, to react to any unusual activity and restrict access to selected systems or data if required. Workspace Agility takes advantage of identity management and single sign-on to combine a sophisticated level of security with ease of use.

Based on a cost-per-user price plan, the solution is highly scalable, allowing organisations to grow or shrink the service depending on business need. As well as this ‘pay as you go’ model, all users get access to a portal which offers support tools, self-service and on-line support. By putting the power to resolve many issues in the hands of the users, the service is intended to greatly reduce the need for first-line support. Another innovation is the positioning of a CRM system at the heart of the service. This tracks each user’s interaction with the service, improving call handling, escalation and ensuring that every communication with the user is informed and relevant.

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Joe Hemming, Executive Officer, Capita IT and Networks, said: “The way we are working is changing, and technology needs to support business transformation by making information mobile and giving the end-user the flexibility to do what they need to on their device of choice. By leveraging a cloud-first strategy and collaborating with two first class partners, we have been able to pioneer a solution which provides a smarter way to work and a better user experience. We are committed to using technology to deliver innovation to our clients, and are confident in Workspace Agility’s ability to do exactly that.”

“As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, it’s critical that businesses are suitably prepared to capitalise on the opportunities that the cloud economy will create. By partnering with Capita and Citrix, even more organisations will be able to harness our Azure platform the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge to transform working practices and benefit from greater flexibility, security and collaboration,” said Joe Macri, Vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft UK.

“Businesses are looking for more cost-conscious, scalable and flexible solutions to enable productivity and deliver efficiency, often combined with a cloud-first approach. Our long-standing relationship with Capita continues to be integral to our success, and we are confident that Workspace Agility will support transformation across businesses of all sizes,” said Darren Fields, Managing director, UK and Ireland, Citrix.

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