CenturyLink Engage simplifies cloud communications for businesses

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – To help small to medium-sized businesses looking to reduce overhead and move voice and collaboration services to the cloud with a simplified experience, CenturyLink has expanded its portfolio of voice and real-time communication services to include CenturyLink Engage.

Businesses need an easy, intuitive way to connect with customers, prospects, and each other virtually anywhere, anytime, and in any way to help drive growth and innovation. CenturyLink Engage offers:

  • 80+ features, including advanced call routing, audio, video, Instant Messaging, file sharing collaboration and access to call centers.
  • An option to bring your own internet or bundle with CenturyLink internet, optimized to deliver cloud and real-time communications applications and services.
  • A satisfaction program that allows businesses to terminate service at any time with no early termination fees, regardless of agreement type.

Add-on tools to enhance value

CenturyLink Engage includes a softphone app for PC, tablet and smartphones. IP phones are optional, and customers can bring their own compatible phones. CenturyLink Engage also provides customers with an optional online directory listing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration and other add-on tools to enhance value.

“Business applications depend on network scale and performance”

“CenturyLink Engage delivers simple, flexible cloud calling and collaboration with an exceptional user experience,” said Adam Saenger, VP of networking solutions at CenturyLink. “When paired with our network connectivity, the customer experience is further enhanced because cloud and business applications depend on network scale and performance. The CenturyLink network has the speed, scale and reliability designed to optimize critical, real-time applications such as CenturyLink Engage. These capabilities are just another way we are creating value for our small and medium business customers.”

CenturyLink is committed to being the trusted advisor that helps companies transform their inefficient communications so they can focus on growing their business and delivering an enhanced experience to their customers.

Key facts

  • CenturyLink Engage is available to business customers in the USA, with plans for international expansion.
  • Customers can buy online or request sales assistance.
  • Provisioning and support are designed to deliver optimized internet service configurations if purchased from CenturyLink.