Citrix delivers innovative digital workspace solutions for Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Citrix and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing have announced a renewal of their innovation partnership.

A multi-year extension will see Citrix branding remain prominent on and off the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing car, while the Team will rely on Citrix’s innovative digital workspace solutions as it adapts to Formula One’s new technical and regulatory framework.

Digitalization of the Team’s wider business process

Citrix has been a technical partner of the Team since 2007, delivering digital workspace solutions that allow the race team on the road to access the full processing power of the organization at base. More recently, Citrix has been providing support and guidance for the digitalization of the Team’s wider business processes. As Formula One becomes ever more time-sensitive and data-driven, the relationship between Citrix and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing has flourished and deepened, culminating in an innovation partnership in 2017.

Digital workspace solutions drives rethink

“Work is different today. It isn’t a place anymore, but a dynamic activity that happens anywhere,” said Tim Minahan, Executive Vice President of Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix. “AMRBR clearly recognizes this and is using digital workspace solutions to rethink how they work at the track, the garage, the factory and everywhere in between. We are pleased to be a partner on their journey and look forward to working together with the Team to deliver the future of work and help them lap the competition.”

Maximize resources

With Citrix technology, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing can access high-powered computing resources from anywhere in the world. This flexibility has proved vital in delivering the Team’s successes. A modern F1 team is a distributed and collaborative network that places an incredibly high value on speed and responsiveness. Against the backdrop of an expanding global racing series, Citrix enables Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to maximize its resources, wherever in the world team members are working.

“Our relationship with Citrix has been developing for over a decade and we’re really pleased to be announcing this partnership extension today,” said Team Principal Christian Horner. “Citrix is a great example of an Innovation Partner that actively works with us to improve our Team’s performance on and off the track. Citrix is how we work anywhere – whether it’s at the track or the top of a high rise – and we’re looking forward to discovering what the future holds.”