Cohesity SmartFiles delivers simplified management and reduces operational costs

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Cohesity has announced Cohesity SmartFiles, a software-defined solution for files and objects that goes beyond traditional scale-out NAS (network attached storage) capabilities.

Cohesity SmartFiles empowers organizations to utilize integrated applications to bring exceptional intelligence to file-related IT infrastructure. SmartFiles also reduces storage costs with unique capacity efficiency and multi-tier data management capabilities. Unlike competitive products, SmartFiles integrates multi-layer cybersecurity to defend valuable business data against cyber threats.

“A paradigm-shift for file and object services”

“Cohesity SmartFiles represents a paradigm-shift for file and object services. It is the first unstructured data solution that bring apps to the data, giving customers the ability to easily run antivirus, file audit, and content search natively on the platform,” said David Noy, vice president, product management, Cohesity. “SmartFiles also provides boundless scale, exceptional capacity efficiency, robust cybersecurity, and transparent heterogeneous data tiering that transcends traditional scale-out NAS appliances.”

SmartFiles is ideal for a variety of workloads including collaboration and productivity apps, large-scale document management, life sciences and medical research, digital archives, and video and surveillance. SmartFiles offers benefits to customers that are unlike any NAS solution on the market today

Integrated apps

One of the breakthroughs with SmartFiles is that applications built to support the NAS ecosystem are integrated within Cohesity DataPlatform. Available through the Cohesity MarketPlace, apps such as antivirus, file audit with anomalous access detection, and content search can all be run directly on the platform. Traditional NAS implementations often require organizations to purchase and run separate infrastructure to accomplish these same tasks. This approach of bringing compute to the data reduces costs and complexity and makes it easy to extract value from data. It also means that as the storage cluster scales, so does the scale of the integrated applications.

Integrated cybersecurity

The SmartFiles solution provides layers of cybersecurity through Cohesity DataPlatform to guard against ever-increasing security threats. This includes end-to-end software encryption, multi-factor authentication, an immutable file system, data-lock, and other security benefits. The integrated apps also protect data against a wide range of cyber threats including the detection and blocking of malicious files, detection of anomalous file accesses, and identification of high-risk information with actionable results.

‘Google-like’ enterprise search

As part of the Cohesity DataPlatform, SmartFiles provides nearly unprecedented enterprise search capabilities – allowing users to search for and within files across an entire site. Using optional Cohesity Helios, searches can extend to multiple sites as well as across Cohesity instances running in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The solution makes it easy to find files regardless of where data resides. Customers no longer need to commence a lengthy, multi-step, complicated process to find data, one silo at a time. Instead, this capability makes eDiscovery and business research much easier and can play a key role in compliance readiness.

Capacity efficiency

SmartFiles delivers substantially greater storage capacity than legacy solutions for the same raw storage space by leveraging advanced deduplication, compression, and small file capacity optimization. Additional dedupe benefits are achieved by eliminating duplicate files across siloed data center volumes. This can translate into immediate total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Automated policy control

SmartFiles delivers transparent data tiering both on-premises and to the cloud. Many traditional NAS solutions frequently store between 70-90 percent inactive data – data that no longer requires low-latency performance. With SmartFiles, it’s easy to create an automated policy to tier select data from an existing NetApp, Isilon, or Pure Storage device to SmartFiles, as well as to archive even “colder” data to the cloud. And, with SmartFiles, the need for third-party tiering software is eliminated. Effortless policy-based movement of data to the Cohesity DataPlatform is transparent to applications and can result in Tier 1 storage cost savings and improved backup performance.