Colt grows Asia footprint via full hosting for Taiwan exchanges

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Colt Technology Services is now providing full hosting capability to three Taiwan exchanges in response to the growing demand from Taiwan exchanges after the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) announced the implementation of continuous trading from 23 March 2020.

This is an addition to other markets across Asia, Europe and the US where Colt is already a market leader in the hosting and exchange colocation facilities provision.

Only foreign licensed market data vendor

Colt is the only foreign licensed market data vendor and Network Service Provider (NSP) in Taiwan and able to provide fully hosted services within the Banqiao proximity data center in Taiwan, which was launched in August 2019. This allows Colt to provide rack space, hardware hosting, connectivity and market data in both raw and normalized formats to customers looking to access the TWSE, TAIFEX and TPEx exchanges.

Colt has the unique ability to provide full services in English allowing international organizations to work with just one vendor who also accepts multiple currencies. First-line support with remote hands and break-fix services can also be supplied in the English language. These services help reduce the barriers of entry to those international firms that might not be able to deal in the local language, currency and law.

Award-winning extranet capability

In addition, Colt also has its award-winning extranet (PrizmNet) capability, offering access to capital market content providers, including market data from all three of the Taiwanese exchanges delivered through strategic PoP’s globally. PrizmNet ensures a consistent experience globally with deterministic latency. Moreover, Ultra-low latency network services are also available providing direct connectivity solutions to JPX, HKEX and SGX.

TWSE announced the implementation of a continuous trading model to improve trading efficiency and information transparency effective from 23 March 2020. After this date, it will offer more order types such as Market Orders, Immediate or Cancel (IOC) and Fill or Kill (FOK) orders, expanding on the current range of Limit orders. This change allows TWSE to attract more and more customers with a global standard commonly used in major markets around the world.

“Market visionary”

Masato Hoshino, Head of Asia and Representative Director & President at Colt commented: “Colt continues to evolve our business based on the financial industry’s requirements. As a market visionary, we are a few steps ahead from the competition by providing services that create greater value to our customers. After the announcement from TWSE, we expect to see increased business opportunities, and we are confident our capability will be beneficial to our customers.”