Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Comcast Business has announced more than 2.3 million companies, including SMBs and enterprises, are elevating customer experiences with fast, reliable connectivity and next-generation solutions from Comcast Business.

These technologies have helped drive digital transformation at thousands of companies, enabling them to better serve their customers and develop ongoing business relationships.

Providing an empathetic customer experience

Recent research sponsored by Comcast Business found that the ability to deliver improved customer experiences is a key driver in nearly half (43 percent) of organizations’ digital transformation journeys. Additionally, the study revealed that a relentless focus on providing an empathetic customer experience – supported by connected technologies and networked infrastructure – is a cornerstone to remaining relevant and competitive. Comcast Business has expertise in these areas, providing infrastructure and business solutions that help maintain a balanced relationship between businesses and customers.

Customers, partners and new technologies

Examples of how Comcast Business’ customer experience approaches and technologies have met the evolving needs of its customers include:

  • Attracted a variety of new large enterprise customers, including partnerships with the Kraft Group and New England Patriots, Choice Hotels and The Four Seasons. Additionally, Comcast Business added the U.S. Federal Government into its growth strategy with the addition of a new segment that targets U.S. Government and Public Sector organizations.
  • Introduced new technologies that elevate the customer experience, including X1 for Business, based on the company’s award-winning X1 video platform, and Comcast Business SecurityEdge which – in partnership with Akamai – offers SMBs with Internet service a more streamlined approach to help protect devices connected to their network from certain cyber threats without requiring additional equipment other than a Comcast router.
  • Enhanced the user experience of its software-defined networking (SDN) platform, ActiveCoreSM, with digital-first features, including integration with Amazon Alexa. A major U.S. bank worked with Comcast Business to pioneer the industry’s adoption of Comcast Business SD-WAN – delivered on the ActiveCore platform – to better manage its business applications and improve communication across branches. Moreover, Comcast Business collaborated with cybersecurity market leader Fortinet to bring advanced security solutions to midsize and enterprise customers via the ActiveCoreSM platform.

International expansion

Comcast Business also expanded internationally to deliver managed broadband services to U.S.-based enterprise customers with a presence in Canada. Comcast Business partnered with iTel Networks, Inc., a leading Canadian network service provider, to expand Comcast Business’ footprint and support its U.S.- based Enterprise Solutions customers’ locations throughout Canada with its Managed Broadband offering.

“Digital transformation isn’t stopping and neither are we”

“Comcast Business has been on an upward trajectory since our inception – and we’re entering 2020 with our goal of reaching $10 billion in annual revenue well within sight,” said Bill Stemper, president of Comcast Business. “Digital transformation isn’t stopping, and neither are we. To achieve true digital transformation, brands must harness data and technology, supported by reliable, scalable and secure networks to become more empathetic. Comcast Business is well positioned to support these brands in 2020 and beyond.”

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