Confluent expands global footprint to meet demand for streaming platforms

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Confluent is expanding its global footprint to address worldwide demand for event streaming platforms.

With a new headquarters office opening in Mountain View and employee growth throughout the company’s 20 offices worldwide, Confluent has grown its global workforce to 900 people to meet the market demand for scalable and reliable event streaming solutions.

Proven competitive advantage

Founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka in 2014, Confluent pioneered the enterprise-ready event streaming platform. The ability to ingest and draw insights on data in real-time is a proven competitive advantage for companies as they strive to meet increasingly stringent customer demands. This is why organizations around the world are racing to make event streaming a core part of their businesses, driving increased demand for Confluent.

“An event streaming platform at the heart of every business”

“Great companies are built by great teams, but a great team doesn’t necessarily need a fancy office,” said Jay Kreps, co-founder and CEO, Confluent. “Confluent is proof – we got our start in my co-founder’s living room. But to accelerate our mission of putting an event streaming platform at the heart of every business, our new spaces in Mountain View, San Francisco, and Bengaluru, combined with our first class support for a distributed workforce, enable us to attract and hire the best people in the world, wherever they are.”

Confluent was recently named to the 50 Highest-Rated Private Cloud-Computing Companies to Work For, and Jay Kreps, co-founder and CEO of Confluent, was ranked by Glassdoor as a Top CEO in 2019, based on employee feedback.