Pivotal iQ IT Intelligence - Credit management services group Intrum awards global IT outsourcing contract to Fujitsu

IT Intelligence Bulletin – Intrum, Europe’s leading credit management services group, has signed a seven-year global IT infrastructure outsourcing contract with Fujitsu.

The agreement covers 23 countries, with Fujitsu providing fully outsourced IT services including data center management, cloud and hybrid IT, security, 24/7 service desk and end-user support for more than 8,000 users. The contract has an initial value in the range of €100 million.

Intrum was formed in June 2017 when Intrum Justitia and Lindorff merged, creating Europe’s market leader in credit management services with more than 100,000 customers. Streamlining and modernizing IT infrastructures across all geographies and business units was a fundamental part of the consolidation for Intrum.

Intrum selected Fujitsu as its IT partner based on the existing cooperation with outsourced IT infrastructure services for Lindorff. Fujitsu will deliver services based on its human-centric approach as well as its global capabilities, continuous strategic innovation, and proven expertise in cutting-edge automation and incorporating the management of network edge and Internet of Things technologies.

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By outsourcing its IT infrastructure to Fujitsu, Intrum gains the flexibility to upscale as required. Intrum sees an effective IT infrastructure as essential to the acceleration of its global growth, as well as boosting efficiency and reducing ongoing IT maintenance costs.

As part of the contract, Fujitsu will provide a full-scale outsourcing service, including its next-generation service desk, which uses artificial intelligence to help identify the underlying cause of IT issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

Cathrine Klouman, COO at Intrum, said, “Our mission is to help companies prosper by caring for their customers, and of course by offering solutions designed to improve cash flow and enable long-term profitability. As the market leader in credit management services, we rely on a powerful IT infrastructure to provide maximum agility, availability and security.

“Fujitsu has proven such capabilities in the current relationship with Lindorff. The recent merger created opportunities for growth and optimization, as well as extending our geographical presence. The agreement with Fujitsu lays the foundation for improved efficiency in our IT services, leveraging on the scale and skill advantages we receive through this partnership.”

Conway Kosi, SVP and Head of Managed Infrastructure Services, EMEIA at Fujitsu said, “The decision by Intrum to partner with Fujitsu underlines our early lead when it comes to creating new value through incorporating processes from both the intelligent edge and Internet of Things into everyday business processes.

“Intrum is placing the management and organic growth of its IT infrastructure in the expert hands of Fujitsu. Just as Intrum is helping its end customers to boost their businesses through the effective management of credit assessments and payment flows, so Fujitsu is providing the same services to Intrum, by ensuring that Intrum’s technology is able to play a decisive part in that value chain.”

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