Customer demand drives Snowflake on Azure availability in Singapore

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Snowflake has announced general availability on Microsoft Azure in Singapore.

The expansion reflects the rising customer demand for Snowflake on Microsoft Azure worldwide, as more large organizations desire a faster, more efficient, and local approach to managing their data, with the flexibility in choosing a cloud platform that best serves their business and customers. Snowflake customers on Microsoft Azure include global brands like Nielsen, L’Occitane, Nasdaq, MGM Resorts, and more.

Empowering Singapore’s public and private sector

Snowflake’s deployment on Microsoft Azure will empower public and private sector organizations throughout Singapore to leverage the flexible cloud strategy they desire. This expansion enables Snowflake customers with operations in Singapore  to keep their data local. Local availability provides customers with fast, low-latency access to their data, while accelerating their global initiatives by satisfying their country-specific data needs.

“Designed specifically for the cloud”

“Companies across the globe are migrating to the cloud”, Snowflake Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan, Peter O’Connor said. “Snowflake provides a simple, high-performing, solution with virtually unlimited concurrency. As a customer-centric company, our goal is to expand our availability to each and every one of our customers worldwide. By announcing our availability on Microsoft Azure in Singapore, more businesses will have access to powerful technology designed specifically for the cloud.”

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