DataStax Luna supports growing enterprise usage of open source Cassandra

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – DataStax has launched DataStax Luna, subscription-based support for open source Cassandra.

The new DataStax offering supports the fast growing adoption of Apache Cassandra by enterprises across every industry. According to the popular site DB-Engines, Cassandra is used by 40% of the Fortune 100 and continues to gain popularity.

Unique needs of the enterprise

DataStax is the logical choice to offer this service with over 10 years working on the world’s largest Cassandra implementations and hundreds of customers running mission-critical Cassandra apps, as the largest contributor to open source Cassandra, and pioneering advances that extend the power of Cassandra for the unique needs of the enterprise.

“Enterprises and developers tell us that they want the power and flexibility of Cassandra for a wide range of use cases, from business optimization to consumer apps,” said Jonathan Ellis, co-founder and CTO of DataStax. “They want Cassandra to be easier to use, backed by experts, and available in a range of options depending on their business and application needs.”

DataStax Luna available via self-service website

DataStax Luna addresses these needs and is available via a self-service website. Both basic and enterprise tiers include: a yearly subscription, and free Cassandra education with access to community forums, events and more.

Organizations are finding that running open source projects for important applications without professional support is a significant risk. As part of its ongoing support of the Cassandra community, DataStax has also delivered two new free tools to use with DataStax Enterprise and open source Cassandra: DataStax Apache Kafka Connector and Bulk Loader to make loading and unloading data faster and easier.