Descartes enhances logistics technology platform

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Descartes Systems Group has announced several product innovations to its Logistics Technology Platform.

The Logistics Technology Platform fuses the Descartes Global Logistics Network (Descartes GLN), the world’s most extensive logistics network covering multiple transportation modes, with the industry’s broadest array of modular, interoperable web and wireless logistics management solutions.

Some of the key innovations announced include:

Routing Mobile and Telematics
  • New capabilities for same-day delivery reservations for dynamic final mile distribution
  • New optimization capabilities for final mile returns management
  • Driver mobile application enabled to schedule the next visit at point of service/delivery
  • Dispatch window visually optimized for industries with frequent reloads and asset-to-driver swaps
Transportation Management
  • New cloud-delivered freight brokerage solution for enhanced visibility and productivity
  • New multimodal retail fulfillment visibility solution delivered through a store-friendly application
  • New Android-based inventory management and fulfillment mobile solution for Descartes Pixi Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Global Trade Content and Compliance
  • Enhanced global sourcing analysis via the combination of Descartes trade data and duty calculation content
  • New automated product classification solution for harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) code assignment
  • New enterprise resource planning (ERP) connected denied party screening solution
Forwarder and Broker Enterprise
  • New collaborative visibility solution for forwarders and their customers
  • Descartes MacroPoint integration with Descartes OneView forwarding solution for real-time freight visibility
  • New analytics platform for performance and profitability monitoring and analysis
Global Logistics Messaging
  • New door-to-door air cargo visibility solution with estimated-time-of-arrival (ETA) and planned vs. actual monitoring
  • New air cargo status and estimated-time-of-arrival ETA automated programming interface (API) service
  • New Descartes Vmail Android air cargo scanning and tracking solution
  • Enhanced ocean sailing schedule service
  • Numerous additional electronic logging device (ELD) providers integrated for location and driver compliance
Customs and Regulatory Compliance
  • Support for Swedish bonded warehouse compliance
  • Support for the new United Kingdom Customs Declaration Service (CDS)
  • New European Union postal/parcel ecommerce value-added-tax (VAT) solution

The Logistics Technology Platform leverages the world’s largest multimodal logistics community to enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively connect and collaborate. It’s a new paradigm in logistics technology, designed to help accelerate time-to-value and increase productivity and performance for businesses of all sizes.

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