Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – NTT Ltd has announced its Dimension Data Americas, NTT America and NTT Security brands have rebranded as NTT, the global $11 billion technology services company. The Americas region of NTT Ltd. will operate 51 offices.

When launched on 1 July 2019, NTT Ltd brought together 40,000 people from brands including Dimension Data, NTT America and NTT Security into one company. The company already partners with more than 10,000 clients around the world, including leading organizations across the following sectors: financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive and technology. In becoming NTT, Dimension Data Americas, NTT America and NTT Security will be able to offer clients an unparalleled range of skills and capabilities across many technologies.

Other companies and brands rebranding as NTT

Other companies and brands from 70+ countries and regions worldwide will also be combined over a phased period to form NTT Ltd. include; Arkadin, CAPSiDE, DPA, DTSI Group, Emerio, e-shelter, Euricom, e2y, Global IP Network (GIN), Gyron, Netmagic Solutions, NTT Communications Cloud Infrastructure Services (NTT Com CIS), NTT Communications Managed Services, NTT Global Networks, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter (NTTI Nexcenter), NTT i3, Oakton, RagingWire, Secure-24, SQL Services, Symmetry, Training Partners, Transatel, Viiew and WhiteHat Security.

Faster pace at an even larger scale

With the rebrand complete, NTT will offer even more intelligent technology solutions to clients throughout the Americas region and around the globe, and do so at a faster pace and an even larger scale. Those solutions are intelligent because they are data driven, connected, digital and secure – all critical elements of the digital transformation NTT views clients undertaking in the Americas. Regional success stories already include: the City of Las Vegas, PREPA Networks, LLC, in San Juan, PR, and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array Observatory (ALMA) in northern Chile.

Full partnership network

As well as being able to offer more in-depth industry solutions for clients, Dimension Data Americas, NTT America and NTT Security will benefit from NTT’s innovation center in Japan, as well as being able to make use of its full partnership network. In addition, NTT Group invests $3.6 billion in research and development each year. That dedication to sustained innovation empowers NTT to help clients and communities use technology to evolve and transform in ways that will allow them to overcome challenges and create new opportunities in the Americas. NTT will continue to deliver services on a global scale, however, with local flexibility, staying true to the company’s heritage in developing customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific business needs.

Jason Goodall, CEO of NTT Ltd. and Interim CEO in the Americas, commented, “We’re delighted to see Dimension Data Americas, NTT America and NTT Security rebrand as NTT and know the Americas team will play a significant role in helping our clients do great things, every day. We created NTT Ltd. to become a technology services provider that can deliver solutions to meet any of our clients’ digital challenges worldwide, and the Americas region is crucial to that ambition.”

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