DXC and ENGIE IT launch global ServiceNow center of excellence

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – DXC Technology in collaboration with ENGIE IT has launched a certified, global ServiceNow Center of Excellence (CoE).

The CoE, comprising a team of nearly 50 practitioners from ENGIE IT, DXC and ServiceNow, will guide ENGIE business units as they modernize their processes, delivering practical innovation to accelerate their digital transformation.

Digital workflow capabilities

The CoE leverages ServiceNow’s leading digital workflow capabilities and gives ENGIE more flexible, industrialized and cost-effective enterprise service management (ESM) solutions. ENGIE IT provides innovative and high-performance ServiceNow solutions that deliver an enhanced digital employee experience for over 170,000 employees across more than 50 countries.

“Digital technology is now an integral part of our working lives. In view of its undeniable benefits to drive productivity gains, process automation, collaboration, data insights and more, ENGIE IT has a strategic ambition to proactively support ENGIE’s digital adoption and success. The ServiceNow Center of Excellence is an integral part of ENGIE IT’s response to this opportunity,” said Matthieu Pestel, general manager of ENGIE IT.

“Improved customer and employee experiences”

“Our applications services enable customers to simplify platforms and modernize processes while reducing costs,” said Pierre Bruno, VP and general manager, Southern Europe, DXC. “Working with ENGIE IT, we will help them achieve business agility, resilience and operational efficiency — all while providing improved customer and employee experiences.”

The immediate deployment of the CoE to more than 50,000 ENGIE employees, via ENGIE IT’s MyPortal solution, will accelerate business process digitization across multiple functional areas including IT, Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, Facility Management and Cyber Security.

Competitive and innovative services

The joint ENGIE IT, DXC and ServiceNow team will provide competitive and innovative services including:

  • ServiceNow solution development coupled with best in class implementation methodologies, delivering IT and business operational excellence;
  • Launch of Innovation Labs in the Americas, Europe and Asia regions, which will accelerate the development of improved digital workflows and employee experience use cases via Design Thinking approaches from DXC; and
  • Transforming the ENGIE employee experience via next-generation solutions that leverage technologies such artificial intelligence, chatbot, live chat, and improved virtual and remote experiences.

“Unique set of skilled people”

“The ENGIE IT ServiceNow Center of Excellence is a unique set of skilled people, IP and innovative offerings which will further enable ENGIE business units to leverage the Now Platform as a foundation for enterprise-wide digital transformation,” said Olivier Mollet, ENGIE Agile Business Solutions director.

“DXC is proud to be a part of this ServiceNow CoE model globally,” added Nicolas Leszek, managing director of the ServiceNow practice for DXC’s Southern Europe region. “With ServiceNow as a global strategic partner, DXC will help ENGIE IT deliver operational excellence and business-leading solutions.”