DXC’s integrated Patient-Centered Care solution drives patient engagement

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – DXC Technology has introduced an advanced Patient-Centered Care solution, a customizable and personalized-health offering that gives healthcare providers the technology to meet the high expectations of today’s patients — without sacrificing cost containment and clinician satisfaction.

The healthcare industry is experiencing a value-based shift of epic proportions, driven by key external trends like an aging population; the proliferation of chronic diseases; rising healthcare costs; staffing shortages; and digital citizenship creating more informed patients.

Elevating patient experience

To elevate the patient experience, improve individual outcomes and create a healthier population, healthcare leaders are seeking new business and integrated care models that merge healthcare and life sciences while empowering patients and providers alike.

To help solve these challenges, DXC Technology’s Patient-Centered Care solution provides advanced patient-engagement tools that offer convenient care from anywhere, via phone or tablet, at an affordable price. Backed by DXC’s interoperability, analytics and security products, the solution enables providers to access a continuous stream of patient-care data, helping them put the patient first throughout the continuum of care. 

Leading healthcare technology

“In the age of ‘Dr. Google’ and same-day Amazon deliveries, patients are increasingly more demanding. They will no longer tolerate half-day waits for discharge instructions that could be delivered in seconds via a chatbot, or receive test results by snail mail when they could be viewed immediately on a mobile app. They expect better value and engagement from caregivers, driving the industry to move from traditional care-delivery models toward a patient-centered journey of care,” said Andrea Fiumicelli, vice president and general manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences, DXC Technology. “Our new Patient-Centered Care solution combines DXC’s industry expertise and leading healthcare technology to equip providers with custom-built, next-generation and coordinated care solutions.”

Persona-based access to real-time health data

“The future of connected healthcare is centered around collaboration and care, and today’s busy providers need to find innovative ways to connect with their patients within and beyond the walls of a hospital or clinic,” said Dr. Michael Dahlweid, who recently joined DXC as its new global chief medical officer. “Our goal is to enable care teams to share health information across multiple systems, channels, practices and infrastructures, and aggregate it into a secure, consolidated view of the patient’s history of care. This persona-based access to real-time health data will allow clinicians to make the best possible decisions for their patients’ treatment. With speed, scale, flexibility and continuous innovation, DXC Technology prepares traditional healthcare organizations to become major digital-health enablers.”