DXC Technology announces new Red Hat OpenShift powered Managed Container Service to accelerate client DevSecOps processes

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — DXC Technology has announced a new service, DXC Managed Container Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by Red Hat OpenShift, that improves and accelerates clients’ application development and deployment processes.

The new service demonstrates DXC’s strong relationship with Red Hat, which is part of the DXC Partner Network.

DXC Managed Container PaaS powered by Red Hat OpenShift enables developers to build, deploy and manage containerized applications on a single platform, across hybrid and cloud infrastructures. The platform runs on a fully managed DXC environment and can be combined with DXC’s cloud-native application development and managed security solutions to enable a true DevSecOps enterprise experience.

The new service leverages DXC BionixTM to offer clients a combination of technology and services that provides them with the increased security, speed and agility they require to speed legacy and cloud-native applications to market.

“Developers can now use DXC Managed Container PaaS powered by Red Hat OpenShift, based upon open standards and proven enterprise-grade open source technology, to develop cloud-native applications that can run across public, private and hybrid environments,” said Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat. “This new solution from DXC offers customers a robust service, to help enterprises more efficiently modernize their enterprise applications built from industry standards, including Kubernetes.”

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Benefits of DXC Managed Container PaaS powered by Red Hat OpenShift include:

  • Enables continuous creation, delivery, collaboration and development of applications across IT operations and development teams
  • Improves application development cycles by up to 66 percent on average<sup1, enabling faster time to market
  • Provides industry-leading automation that enables the service to be quickly scaled to support changing business needs
  • Includes incident management, patching, monitoring, scale-out, performance reporting, and backup and recovery
  • Features a full development suite with a DevSecOps tool chain, enabling greater security capabilities and risk compliance
  • Was developed as a high-availability container platform managed service with a 99.9 percent guaranteed service level from DXC
  • The service was jointly developed by DXC and Red Hat engineers to take advantage of the latest advancement in applications development and to enable integration across legacy applications and modern, managed cloud environments.

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