ECi distribution software solutions now includes Acsellerate CRM software license

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – ECi Software Solutions has announced that its entire suite of Distribution-focused software solutions will now include a single user license for its Acsellerate CRM software.

Existing Red Falcon, TeamDesign and Britannia dealers can immediately take advantage of the new CRM bundle with a single user license included as a part of their system moving forward.

An industry-leading integrated sales intelligence and CRM solution, Acsellerate puts business-critical information at the customer’s fingertips. It addresses needs around reporting simplicity, triggered alerts, organizational KPI alignment, profitability and customer relationship management. In addition, Acsellerate has recently enhanced its product offering with a mobile version and new CRM dashboards.

Acsellerate CRM license

“We continually look for ways to innovate and increase the value of our products; the addition of a license for Acsellerate will seamlessly enhance the user experience and provide a new level of business insight,” said Brian Bowerfind, ECi Distribution Division President. “The reporting tools offered through Acsellerate will allow our customers to see their sales processes and make changes to more efficiently run and grow their businesses.”

“So many of our customers have found great value in the power of Acsellerate to continually improve the performance of their businesses over the years, said Steve Sabatini, VP of Analytics and Strategic Data Services for ECi.  “We are pleased to bring that power to even more of our customers to help them succeed and look forward to leveraging our analytics expertise to bring rich new insights and value to our customers throughout 2019 and the years to come.”

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