F5 accelerates digital transformation via app-centric visibility solutions

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – F5 Networks has introduced new solutions to provide enhanced application visibility and control throughout the application lifecycle.

These solutions give customers end-to-end visibility into the health and performance of applications, along with integrated traffic, security, and API management controls to take action based on those insights, surfacing new ways to lower operational overhead and achieve faster time to market.

Organizations embrace multicloud strategies

For most organizations, delivering powerful new digital experiences to their customers and employees requires stitching together capabilities from a mix of traditional and modern application architectures and infrastructure environments. As these organizations embrace multicloud strategies, this landscape only gets more diverse and complex.

Recognizing that applications are the most important assets of digital organizations and that all organizations today lack toolsets enabling effective management of those assets, F5’s focus is on closing that divide – with end-to-end application-centric visibility being the first step. F5 powers applications from development through their entire lifecycle, surfacing insights, behavioral patterns, and anomalies via telemetry outside the reach of other vendor tools, so that organizations can deliver differentiated, high-performing, and secure digital experiences.

“Deliver new digital capabilities in minutes”

“Today, nearly every organization is accelerating their digital transformation efforts, but they are flying blind, as they lack visibility into how many applications they’re running, let alone how each app is performing or if those apps are secure,” said Kara Sprague, EVP and General Manager of BIG-IP at F5. “Applications, traditional and modern, derive many advantages in being distributed throughout on-prem, cloud, and microservice environments—but this often fragments visibility and enterprise-wide control. F5 empowers app owners, developers, and IT operators with the telemetry and closed-loop automation required to effectively troubleshoot, identify threat areas, and deliver new digital capabilities in minutes, not days or weeks.”

Three complementary offerings

F5 has introduced three complementary offerings to deliver superior visibility, actionable analytics, and automated traffic management and security across an organization’s entire app portfolio:

  • BIG-IP and BIG-IQ solutions offer health, security, and performance analytics and deep troubleshooting tools for NetOps and SecOps teams.
  • NGINX Controller complements this with additional capabilities for AppDev and DevOps teams, providing API-driven visibility, analytics, and controls via ADC, API management, and application security services running on NGINX Plus.
  • F5 Beacon aggregates telemetry from across the application data path to offer a complete end-to-end view of applications as well as a holistic, enterprise-wide view of an organization’s application portfolio for use by application owners, IT operations professionals, and line-of-business managers, through integrations with BIG-IQ, NGINX Controller, and other F5 offerings, as well as a vast array of third-party integrations.