FirstGroup selects Infor for asset management efficiency

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – FirstGroup plc, the leading transport operator in the UK and North America, has selected Infor EAM for its UK bus operations.

The solution forms part of a modernization project at First Bus, part of FirstGroup, designed to drive efficiency and boost the customer experience. As part of an 18-month deployment, Infor EAM will be rolled out in three phases, fully serviced and hosted by Infor partner Sapphire Systems for 2,000-plus users.

With around 6,000 assets, mainly buses that span conventional diesel, electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and gas, as well as ancillary vehicles, maintenance is a major part of First Bus’ operations. To maximize time in service and visibility of the fleet, while minimizing costs, its Bus Division engineering director outlined a requirement to replace its legacy, paper-based maintenance systems with new digital capabilities. With specific objectives to boost management information and data evidenced decision-making, First Bus selected Infor EAM following a thorough evaluation process. Having witnessed its US operation using the software, the company deemed it best-in-class in its category.

Asset management digitalization

Once live, Infor EAM will digitalize asset management and maintenance for First Bus, ensuring that predictive reliability centered maintenance is carried out efficiently, to track warranties and service intervals, and report on these in real time. At the same time, real-time job tracking and advanced mobile functionality will help to fix faults, with the system dispatching engineers with the right competencies, to the right type of problem, to facilitate faster resolution.

“In our evaluation process, Infor EAM really stood out as being the market leader in its field,” comments Ian Warr, engineering director, First Bus. “Its ability to support asset availability, utilization and reliability, extending the lifespan of equipment, competency tracking, warranty management, and availability of management information, all from a single system was aligned closely with our project goals. Our asset management is subject to so many challenges, from regulatory and environmental, to staffing and delivering the optimum customer experience, we are looking forward to moving forward with the very best capabilities and visibility from which to drive improved performance.”

Modernizing asset management

“Any business operating assets on this scale is exposed to a great deal of risk,” comments Kevin Price, technical product evangelist, Infor. “Digitalization of asset management practices mitigates this risk through ensuring greater accuracy of information, more visibility to make the best decisions, and expedited resolution of problems to minimize downtime and stem costs. First Bus is leading the charge in its industry, modernizing its asset management to ensure it can deliver on its overarching goal to be a provider of choice to the 1.6 million customers and communities it serves.”

“As pressure to enhance the customer experience and drive best practice in the transportation sector continues, the digitalization of assets has become an increasingly important metric for success,” comments Ian Caswell, CEO, Sapphire Systems. “We are delighted to be working with such an innovative and forward-thinking company as First Bus, providing our industry-leading services, support and hosting via Sapphire Anywhere, and look forward to being a part of the transport leader’s journey going forward.”

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