Fujitsu RunMyProcess accelerates innovation for US customers with Okin BPS

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Fujitsu RunMyProcess is helping US customers accelerate time to digital transformation value through the assignment of Okin Business Process Services as its certified and primary Center of Excellence.

The partnership with Okin BPS provides nationwide access to Fujitsu RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, a flexible and scalable low-code, enterprise application platform powering digital transformation solutions. Through partnering with Okin, Fujitsu customers can tap into Okin’s expertise in delivering a new kind of faster, more dynamic, and less resource-intensive business change experience. This helps customers decrease risk by eliminating third-party consultancy fees, large-scale change programs and hand-crafted technology.

Modern mobile workforce

The growing market in providing solutions for the modern mobile workforce is a major focus for the Okin-Fujitsu partnership, which centers on powerful RunMyProcess DigitalSuite extensions for the recently released Citrix Workspace. Solutions include key areas for digital transformation programs such as employee onboarding, inventory management, multi-vendor incident management and product line quality assurance.

“Compelling value proposition”

Vic Herring, Head of Sales and Marketing at Fujitsu RunMyProcess, said: “Fujitsu highly values Okin’s outstanding quality and delivery power. It is passionate about helping people in making orders, fulfilling customer billing, and streamlining HR processes. Fujitsu RunMyProcess DigitalSuite improves process efficiency, budgeting accuracy and workflow management – cornerstones of any digital transformation project. As the basis of their future business operations, companies recognize the crucial importance that digital transformation projects are fast, focused and effective. For customers making big bets on digital transformation, combining the efficiencies provided by RunMyProcess and the momentum from Okin is a compelling value proposition.”

“Accelerate innovation faster”

Mark Keough, Senior VP Sales at Okin BPS, commented: “Digital transformation is forcing businesses to accelerate processes, to deliver faster results. Okin’s approach is to address that need by combining powerful technology platforms and passionate people to continuously deliver practical outcomes at pace. Through partnering with Fujitsu, RunMyProcess customers will be better able to optimize operations, digitalize experiences and accelerate innovation faster, and to be confident in their chances of succeeding in driving change.”