Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Hitachi Vantara has helped Swisscom improve customer service by centralizing the company’s vast amounts of data into a single view. The accomplishment was enabled by Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho, a Lumada portfolio product.

Swisscom is Switzerland’s largest telecommunications company and a leading IT services provider. The company delivers mobile, broadband and IT services to private households and businesses of all sizes. These types of customers have drastically different needs, which makes managing data and delivering services challenging.

Over time, these different business areas have generated numerous data silos across the enterprise, leading to complexities that made it nearly impossible to gain a unified overview of customers, contracts, service status, billing positions and products. As a result, these silos hampered timely, coordinated responses to customers.

Real-time data access

Swisscom’s Business Customers division worked with Hitachi Vantara to create a centralized hub for real-time data access and service support requests. Using Pentaho, Swisscom Business Customers created a single view of customer and operations data from across more than 30 business units including marketing, sales, quality assurance and service operations management. Now, instead of needing to check multiple data sources for a single request, customer service reps have the essential data at their fingertips in a holistic, easy-to-use view. This helps Swisscom Business Customers provide tailored services and resolve issues faster to improve customer experiences.

Harmonized data model

“Like our range of service offerings, our systems landscape is complex, with dozens of data management platforms used across different departments. We wanted a single, 360-degree overview of service operations across the whole enterprise to help our staff to serve customers even more effectively,” said Emanuel Zehnder, Head of Information Architecture, Swisscom Business Customers. “Thanks to Pentaho, we have been able to create a holistic view of all contracts, service status details, and SLAs in a single, harmonized data model.”

Looking ahead, Swisscom Business Customers anticipates Pentaho will soon manage beyond the more than 100 million data records it currently processes daily. “Pentaho Data Integration has already cemented itself as a vital tool in our customer service strategy,” said Zehnder.

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