Huawei and Altice sign strategic partnership to support rapid development of 5G in Portugal

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Huawei has partnered with market-leading Telecommunications Operator Altice Portugal to sign a memorandum of understanding committing to the development and implementation of 5G services in Portugal.

Under the plan, both companies will explore potential new and innovative applications using 5G technology in a live testing network environment. This partnership represents a key step in the process towards Altice PT’s plans to prepare for a commercial launch of 5G service in Portugal next year.

Altice PT’s services will use Huawei equipment and software as a natural evolution of the already existing 4G network footprint in Portugal. 5G will provide operators with improved access to mobile broadband networks, supporting reliable and low latency communications for both consumers and devices.

The agreement represents the latest stage in a growing technological partnership between Altice PT and Huawei, and will enable Portuguese companies to develop new business models and provide new services. Altice PT and Huawei first explored 5G services in Portugal with a network training program in 2016, which saw both sides working to accelerate the development of this ecosystem in Portugal.

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Altice Portugal CEO Alexandre Fonseca said: “We are delighted to partner with Huawei to further drive forward the development of 5G services in Portugal. Huawei have been a trusted partner for Altice for many years, and we look forward to explore this revolutional new technology together for the benefit of our Consumer and Enterprise customers, as well as a way to promote new business models and services.”

Huawei Portugal CEO Chris Lu said: “5G will bring unprecedented changes to our day-to-day, as well as our industry. However, the development of 5G needs the cooperation of all different partners, working together to innovate together. We are very happy to sign this MoU with Altice PT, which shows the commitment of both companies to the future of 5G in Portugal “.

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