IBM extends partnership with ServiceNow to help optimize IT infrastructure for multi-cloud environments

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — IBM has extended its partnership with ServiceNow to help enterprises simplify the management of their IT resources across multiple cloud environments.

The partnership will bring together the strengths of both companies to provide a standardized approach for managing IT operations across multiple third-party cloud providers.

Through the expanded partnership with ServiceNow, IBM will deliver its Multicloud Management Platform extended by ServiceNow’s IT Service Management and IT Operations Management solutions. As part of this, IBM will include IBM Multicloud Manager designed to provide organizations with the ability to modernize Kubernetes applications across different cloud environments. In taking advantage of services and technology designed to make it easier to manage, move and integrate apps across different cloud computing infrastructure, this partnership with ServiceNow will help clients drive automation and gain operational visibility and governance across their multi-cloud environments.

“IBM is making bold moves to lead in enterprise hybrid cloud and is putting in place an innovation ecosystem comprising some of the biggest names in technology,” said Philip Guido, IBM General Manger of Infrastructure Services for Global Technology Services. “With this partnership with ServiceNow, we are further advancing our respective strategies for multi-cloud computing and helping enterprises to unlock the full value of their IT investments.”

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“As a strategic digital transformation partner to leading companies around the world, ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity,” said Pablo Stern, vice president and general manager, IT Operations Management, ServiceNow. “The combination of our world-class IT Service Management and IT Operations Management, with IBM’s innovative solutions for hybrid cloud is transforming how people work.”

IBM’s partnership with ServiceNow enables IBM to assist clients in managing workloads with:

  • Agile application development and comprehensive services for managing cloud lifecycle and business resources
  • The ability to manage heterogeneous cloud environments faster, more cost-effectively and with greater consistency
  • A common buying experience across traditional, private and public clouds with eased procurement of secure and compliant IT resources
  • Visibility into a multi-cloud operations footprint to manage service health, and help optimize service delivery and spend
  • The ability to move multi-cloud operations from a reactive team to one that works intelligently for the business

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