Pivotal iQ - Indra absorbs Ericsson Italy division in charge of developing IT systems for Enel utilities

IT Intelligence Bulletin – Indra has absorbed the Ericsson Italy unit handling IT development for Enel. The operation entails the transfer of IT system development and maintenance activities that the unit has been carrying out for the Italian utility.

This move will see Indra inheriting major IT service projects, including the integration, development and maintenance of different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, Smart Metering and Grid Management solutions for the Enel group in Italy, Latin America and Spain.

With this integration, Indra shores up its capabilities in the Information Technology sector, for which the company not only is a leader in Spain and Latin America but also has a consolidated presence in Italy, where it has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. The company also consolidates its positioning in a major global customer such as Enel, Europe’s largest utility in terms of capitalization, for developing major projects worldwide.

With the absorption, Indra incorporates nearly 160 professionals with experience and capabilities that are highly complementary to the expertise that the consultancy and technology company presently has in Italy. These professionals are joining a worldwide bellwether company in the Information Technology sector that is undergoing an expansion in Italy, where they will have attractive career development opportunities on an international scale.

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In this regard, the arrival of new professionals confirms Indra’s commitment to Italian talent as an essential catalyst for growth. In 2017, the company already incorporated nearly 180 professionals at its offices in Rome, Milan, Naples and Matera. Most corresponded to junior talents, who joined the company through the Smart Start program that was conceived to favor the arrival and development of young talent.

“This operation is a decisive leap in our prospects and growth in Italy, enabling us to reaffirm our resolve to bring our solutions and capabilities to the technological leadership and digitization of the country,” explained Pedro García, President of Indra in Italy, who particularly appreciated the “elevated complementarity and cultural proximity of the incorporating professionals, which will simplify their full integration into the country team, where nearly 900 professionals are already working.”

Indra’s energy solutions have been deployed at over 140 electricity, water, oil and gas companies in nearly 50 countries. Over 100 million customers worldwide are currently managed using the systems developed by the multinational consulting and technology firm.

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