ISS Facility Services selects IoT platform from T-Systems

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Danish building service provider ISS Facility Services will only consume as much energy as necessary with the help of the IoT-based Connected Things Hub from T-Systems.

The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary’s IoT platform thus becomes the central control for buildings worldwide. This is where the data from 20,000 sensors is measured, such as room temperature and Co2 figures. Special software analyzes and visualizes this data almost in real time. When limits are exceeded, ISS can intervene immediately.

“We are excited about the global partnership with ISS. Our Connected Things Hub helps to digitize the operation of buildings significantly optimizing operator costs,” said Rami Avidan, Senior VP, IoT Business, Deutsche Telekom.

IoT solutions drive efficiency

“IoT solutions are becoming increasingly important. With their help, we can control our buildings worldwide and operate them more efficiently,” said Sam Lavers, Global Head of Digital Excellence & IoT at ISS. “The partnership with T-Systems enhances the quality of our services. This also benefits our customers.”

The Connected Things Hub offers open, standardized interfaces. At the same time, it is highly scalable. The hub can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. The complete IoT package also captures and analyzes room utilization and user behavior. From this, data-based decisions can be made for more efficient management, for example, a new room layout or rental options.

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