Masergy announces Managed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Masergy has announced immediate availability of its Managed Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution for scalably managing Software as a Service (SaaS) security risks.

Masergy has extended its Unified Enterprise Security Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform to include Managed CASB. CASB has quickly become a mandatory tool for addressing security risks of enterprise data in cloud applications.

Masergy has partnered with Bitglass for a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes visibility, threat detection and response, data protection, and identity and access management. Masergy can also augment existing Netskope and Skyhigh CASB deployments with managed monitoring and response services.

“As SaaS adoption accelerates and enterprises shift more applications to the cloud, securing this environment has become one of the most critical challenges facing security and IT decision makers,” said Chris MacFarland, CEO, Masergy. “Shadow IT has further complicated the ability of enterprises to gain visibility and control of the applications employees use every day. Our Managed CASB solution helps organizations quickly and scalably mitigate risk in this new IT environment.”

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Masergy’s Managed CASB is a simple-to-deploy, scalable solution that embraces business cloud strategies. Its integrated identity and access management improves security posture and streamlines the user experience. Because it deploys easily with reverse proxies, customers find the solution cost-effective and providing rapid time-to-value.

“An effective CASB solution must provide robust threat detection and response capabilities, which require 24/7 expert monitoring and response to be effective, which is Masergy’s expertise,” said Craig D’Abreo, VP of security operations, Masergy. “Our innovative MDR platform with patented machine-learning analytics combined with world-class Security Operation Centers removes the continuous monitoring and response burden from our enterprise customers.”

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