HPE GreenLake delivers IT infrastructure modernization for Mastertel

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Mastertel, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Russia, has selected HPE GreenLake to modernize its IT infrastructure, optimize financial flows, and achieve the flexibility necessary to service the growth of new customers.

The demand of the as-a-service IT model is growing in Russia, as customers seek to gain the cloud experience everywhere, including the benefits of paying for what they use. HPE GreenLake allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, such as rapid deployment, scalability, and cost-efficiency, in a fully controlled local environment – as selected by the customer.

Accelerate market entry

“With the intense growth of our cloud services business, we faced the need to rapidly deploy resources for new customers,” said Viktor Safronov, IT Director at Mastertel. “HPE GreenLake helped us accelerate our market entry, avoid up-front capital investments and optimize financial flows. Thanks to our modernized IT infrastructure, Mastertel is now ready to meet all the needs of its existing and future customers.”

“Our cooperation with Mastertel demonstrates that the cost transparency and cash flow alignment provided by HPE GreenLake is an indisputable business advantage,” said Andrey Kartashev, Director of HPE Pointnext Technology Services in Russia. “We are excited to be working with Mastertel and very pleased with our first deployment of HPE GreenLake for a cloud service provider in Russia.”

Cloud services business

With HPE GreenLake, Mastertel can confidently continue to develop and grow its cloud services business, knowing that it has the ability to scale its IT infrastructure at any time as per its changing needs. HPE GreenLake also enables Mastertel to:

  • Improve the performance and availability of its IT infrastructure to meet workload and customer needs
  • Ensure flexibility and ability to quickly scale its IT infrastructure to face current business challenges
  • Minimize costs by eliminating large one-time financial investments

HPE technology, including HPE ProLiant servers and HPE 3PAR 8200 data storage system, increased the performance and reliability of Mastertel’s IT infrastructure, while the support of HPE Datacenter Care from HPE Pointnext Technology Services has improved its performance and availability to meet customer needs.