Mavenir’s mobile business framework meets evolving digital needs of businesses

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Mavenir, the industry’s only end-to-end, cloud-native Network Software Provider, has launched its Mobile Business Fabric, a dynamic and fluid business communications framework designed to meet the evolving digital needs of businesses as mobility becomes a primary driver and customers demand change.

Mavenir’s Mobile Business Fabric consists of a portfolio of integrated business solutions with a focus on enabling deskless, mobile workers for businesses of all sizes—from SMBs to large enterprises. This portfolio integrates mobile voice, mobile video, rich communication services (RCS) and SMS messaging, voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR), chatbots, SpamShield fraud management and monetization enablers into secure, carrier-grade cloud offerings.

Digital enablement capabilities

These are combined with digital enablement capabilities for provisioning, onboarding, and invoicing businesses via an intuitive, omnichannel interface. This embedded functionality avoids long, complex and costly integrations with the existing legacy business support systems (BSS) of the service provider or channel partner, accelerating time-to-market and time-to-revenue.

Mavenir’s Mobile Business Fabric solutions are currently deployed and under deployment in several Tier 1 MNOs in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, India and Japan.

Accelerate business transformation for mobile operators

“Mavenir’s vision is to transform mobile network economics and accelerate the business transformation for mobile operators and channel partners,” said Guillaume Le Mener, SVP and GM, Mobile Enterprise Solutions, Mavenir. “Mobile Business Fabric is a cohesive portfolio that provides true mobile-native experiences and addresses the deskless mobile user base to generate additional revenue streams, protect their existing customer base and reduce customer churn.”

“Focused on adding positive business outcomes”

“As an innovative and agile Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Mavenir’s Mobile Business Fabric portfolio enables our global partners to target the Enterprise market, as well as the underserved SMB segment,” said Marek Wasilewski, SVP, Global Enterprise Channel, Mavenir. “Our disruptive solutions designed for the deskless mobile workers—who typically have an I want to do it myself and I want it now mentality—simplify onboarding, remove management complexity, and, ultimately, are focused on adding positive business outcomes.”

Mobile Business Fabric portfolio solutions

  • Mobile Business Messaging — RCS Business Messaging as a service that enables MNOs to address the brands’ need to communicate with customers on the mobile messaging channel—including marketing campaigns (A2P) and chatbots (P2A)—leveraging Mavenir’s RBM Partner Ecosystem to accelerate time-to-revenue.
  • Mobile Business Contact — Helping businesses of all sizes to minimize the number of missed business opportunities with a white label omni-channel contact center as a service (CCaaS) designed for quick and easy access. It enables seamless omni-channel (phone, email, chat, text-message, social) interactions with customers; with fast deployment using pre-built templates and API integrations with popular tools and AI platforms.
  • Mobile Business Communications and Collaboration — Unified communications and collaboration as a service (UCaaS) built on mobile call control elements, that leverages mobile network quality of service (QoS) enforcement as well as RCS messaging to allow businesses to text with both internal and external users, breaking the traditional restrictions of proprietary instant messaging implementations.