Maxihost deploys Bare Metal cloud platform via CoreSite data center

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – CoreSite, a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions in major U.S. metropolitan areas, has announced that Maxihost deployed its advanced Bare Metal cloud platform and high performance, DDoS protected network at CoreSite’s One Wilshire campus in Los Angeles.

Maxihost is a global provider of on-demand bare metal cloud and network services for businesses of all sizes. The company provides a high performance, DDoS protected network, and its mission is to help make the Internet faster with infrastructure solutions.

“The most well connected data center on the West Coast”

“When we started evaluating a data center in Los Angeles, the obvious decision was CoreSite. We selected CoreSite due to its reputation and for being the most well connected data center on the West Coast, and for its competitive, flexible colocation and connectivity options for Maxihost. Our focus is serving our customers, which includes enterprises with gaming, streaming, VPNs and CDNs, all of which require a large amount of bandwidth with very low latencies,” said Guilherme Soubihe Alberto, CEO of Maxihost.

“Our gaming studios and publishers develop massive online multiplayer games, which are not tolerant to any kind of packet loss or outages. The very minimum our customers expect from us is a network burstable to several hundred gigabits per second, and that can protect both terabits of layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks and the most sophisticated layer 7 attacks. Even a brief disruption will severely impact our customers’ end users, so any kind of issues are just unacceptable.”


“We are pleased Maxihost selected CoreSite to meet their growing needs and we are glad to serve them in our interconnection-rich, edge market in Los Angeles,” said Gerry Fassig, Vice President of Sales, CoreSite Realty Corporation. “Maxihost’s business solutions enrich our ecosystem as they help enterprise organizations and content providers with their connection needs.”