Metallic partnership with Zones delivers backup protection for Microsoft Office 365

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Metallic, a Commvault venture, is working with Zones, LLC, a global IT solutions provider helping businesses complete their digital transformation, to further deliver SaaS-based data protection for Microsoft Office 365 and the Azure cloud through Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery.

Together Metallic and Zones are expanding their market footprint and reaching more companies that require industry-leading data protection with a simple SaaS delivery model.

Backup solution is crucial

With 200 million users, Microsoft Office 365 is an essential component of a successful modern business, offering applications that manage daily critical business functions. Based on the wide breadth of users as well as the vast range of applications, including OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online (mailboxes, contacts, documents, and calendar items), Project Online, Teams, and Groups, the volume of data being created is exponential. This makes it crucial to have a backup solution that can accomplish a range of tasks, including setting up retention policies for compliance, providing flexible restore options, and storing backup copies in multiple environments. To accomplish this, Microsoft recommends the implementation of third party backup solutions.

Extra layer of protection

Metallic’s relationship with Zones will address this critical need, providing enterprise-grade data protection that is scalable, flexible, and secure. As a SaaS solution, Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery can be up in minutes, protecting Office 365 data where it lives. Users are also receiving an extra layer of protection against accidental deletion, corruption, and malicious attacks. If data does become compromised, Metallic offers quick and granular restore of data, reducing the potential for costly downtime.

“Building on the momentum of Metallic’s success, we are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Zones to provide its customers with backup protection for Microsoft Office 365,” said Thad Keating, Worldwide Vice President of GTM, Metallic. “The key component to this partnership lies in our shared expertise in supporting the Azure cloud environment. What differentiates Metallic is that it provides broad, scalable enterprise capabilities for mid-sized companies up to the largest IT environments. Zones’ customers can quickly and easily save and recover any data created using Office 365 applications to the cloud, ensuring a safeguard where they need it most – in their everyday business processes.”

Strategic move

This partnership is Metallic’s latest strategic move to strengthen its partner ecosystem and expand its customer base. In addition to Metallic Office 365 Backup & Recovery, Zones also offers Metallic’s full range of products, including Metallic Core Backup & Recovery for VM, file server, and SQL server data, and Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery for laptops and desktops, providing its customers with access to data protection for all levels of their organization.

“At Zones, the partnership with Metallic in the Data Management and BCDR space was driven by two factors,” said Byron Fehler, Vice President and General Manager, Software and Cloud, Zones. “First, we always want to offer our clients the best solutions to meet their data management needs, and Metallic, a SaaS delivered enterprise-grade backup & recovery solution created using 20 years of Commvault ingenuity, breaks the mold. And second, we strive to make the transaction process as seamless as the deployment. Now, with the newly launched Zones Cloud 2.0 enterprise-grade cloud commerce platform, our clients have the ability to seamlessly transact Metallic in a self-service model.”