NetScout optimizes Banco Votorantim’s network and digital services performance

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — NetScout Systems have announced that Banco Votorantim, one of Brazil’s largest banks, has deployed the nGenius Service Assurance Platform and its Arbor DDoS solutions to ensure total service availability and optimized performance of its IT infrastructure and key applications used by its employees.

“By showing the traffic and behavior of applications, in a non-intrusive and uncomplicated way, the NetScout technology allows for the monitoring of the actual user experience and the quality of the services provided by IT,” said Marcelo Maylinch, head of IT infrastructure, Banco Votorantim. “This has reduced the time spent in identifying problems involving network and applications, enabling us to quickly solve incidents before they become a risk for the bank’s business continuity.”

“It is rewarding to know that we are playing an important role in improving Votorantim’s network and digital services performance, which is enabling it to succeed in an ever-competitive marketplace,” said Geraldo Guazzelli, country manager, Brazil, NetScout.

As a major financial institution, Banco Votorantim operates a complex enterprise network to support its locations in Brazil and around the world. Customers interact with the bank at branch locations, electronically through web services, and on the phone with their call centers. As its customer base grew, Votorantim’s IT management required greater visibility into voice and data application services across the network for in-depth, real-time analysis, views and reports that could be used by any of the members of their IT team, as well as help inform their broader management team.

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Recognizing that any disruption in critical services could slow key transactions and jeopardize customer relationships, Votorantim also needed an anti-DDoS provider that could protect them on premise and from the cloud. NetScout was able to help on both of these important fronts.

Banco Votorantim turned to NetScout to provide visibility and service assurance in the bank’s data centers and branch offices. By using the nGenius Packet Flow Switch to efficiently feed vital traffic flows from the data centers to several InfiniStreamNG appliances and transform wire-data into smart data, NetScout’s nGeniusONE analytics monitor the bank’s applications including revenue-critical services, such as online banking, credit card management and authorization, automobile loans, and wealth management, as well as all applications used by associates in the branches.

To gain deeper insight into application performance, user experience and service dependencies while also adapting to the organization’s security policies and strategy, Banco Votorantim is also using complementary NetScout tools such as OptiView XG, TruView Liveand nGeniusPulse for synthetic performance testing and portable troubleshooting, ensuring better day-to-day operations in all of the bank’s agencies and offices.

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