OpenText delivers e-invoicing solution for TIM S/A

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – TIM S/A, a leading provider of telecommunications services in Brazil, has deployed OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to digitally transform invoicing processes.

With the new integrated e-invoicing system, the company’s 18 million post-paid customers can now access telecom bills from preferred digital channels and devices on demand. This has increased adoption of digital invoicing by more than 50 percent year-over-year.

TIM S/A is now processing nearly three million invoices every 48 hours, with PDF versions of invoices delivered to customers in less than three seconds. By sending reminder notifications to customers via their desired channels, TIM S/A is also improving invoice payment rates and reducing outstanding payments overall.

Growth in e-invoicing

“With our new e-invoicing solution from OpenText, we are achieving 52 percent year-over-year growth in digital invoicing,” said Washington Almeida, CIO, TIM S/A. “We expect to double the number of electronic invoices we deliver every year. Customers are embracing the solution because they want to manage their accounts in more personalized ways that fit into their digital lifestyles.”

Working with OpenText, TIM S/A established a centralized digital content management system for invoicing that supports customer demand for self-serve, multi-channel access to billing information. Content and applications are aggregated to present consistent, personalized and compliant invoices.

“OpenText is helping TIM S/A deliver invoices through an intelligent, connected approach that makes bill paying easier and provides customers with account information anytime, anywhere from any device,” said Muhi Majzoub, executive vice president of engineering, OpenText. “Our leading CEM software solutions not only optimize operations, but more importantly, drive loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.”

TIM S/A is using OpenText Content Suite Platform, OpenText Exstream, OpenText Portal and OpenText Web Experience Management to digitize invoicing. The solution suite fully integrates with the TIM S/A portal and other enterprise applications to manage billing information, while helping to ensure governance, security and regulatory compliance. Document storage is also maximized to decrease expense, mitigate risk and more easily fulfill archiving requirements.