PagerDuty integration with Microsoft Teams empowers DevOps community

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – PagerDuty now integrates with the Microsoft Teams workspace collaboration application that is part of Microsoft Office 365.

Cutting the time to respond to and resolving a business disrupting incident reduces the risk of it impacting customers, with the associated risks of lost revenue and brand damage. PagerDuty with Microsoft Teams helps teams find out about incidents faster and gives them background on the incident, directly in Teams so they don’t lose time switching between services. For management-level users, the Teams integration provides a full view of the incidents their team is working on. This level of communication and visibility is important for ensuring teams across an organization, including Developer, IT, Customer Services, Sales, and more can collaborate effectively and stay up to date.

“Increased digital demand”

“As organizations work to meet increased digital demand, clear communication and strong collaboration are more important than ever,” said Jonathan Rende, Senior Vice President of Product at PagerDuty. “PagerDuty’s new Microsoft Teams integration helps reduce the time it takes to resolve incidents and continuously improve.”

PagerDuty surfaces critical incidents in Teams, which in turn allows workers to communicate and work together during the incident resolution process. By allowing a user to view critical incident details from within Teams, the integration creates a third user interface to PagerDuty, in addition to mobile and desktop. PagerDuty users can perform key incident actions within Teams. This includes acknowledging and resolving incidents, adding notes, and even triggering new incidents directly within Teams. Users can also connect services directly to Teams channels, keeping everyone in sync and connected.

“Microsoft Teams empowers the DevOps community with secure collaboration and meeting experiences,” said Farhaz Karmali, Lead Product Manager, Teams at Microsoft. “With PagerDuty’s integration for Microsoft Teams, DevOps practitioners can drive real-time operations all within the Teams platform.”

Integration benefits

Key benefits of the PagerDuty and Teams integration include:

  • Work where you are – View critical incident details without having to leave Teams. Responders can now acknowledge, resolve and add notes to PagerDuty incidents all from within Microsoft Teams. Users can now also trigger a new PagerDuty incident from within Teams.
  • Drive modern ChatOps – Break down silos by driving real-time ChatOps with PagerDuty for Teams. Connect disparate teams across NOC, DevOps, Customer Service, Engineering and more to a common incident management framework.
  • Align services and permissions – Now users can synchronize their Teams and PagerDuty user and account permissions to ensure secure communication and safe information sharing. Connect PagerDuty services to Teams channels via Add-Ons Page and ‘connect’ App command.
  • Automated activity capture for post mortems from Teams – All incident response activities in Teams are automatically captured for post-mortems to help team members continuously improve and learn.
  • Connect to Microsoft – In Teams, users can access both PagerDuty incident data and technical documentation from Microsoft tools. Users can access every incident response documentation available in real-time.

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