Puppet drives infrastructure automation for admins via new Windows services updates

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Puppet has launched new Windows services, integrations and enhancements aimed at making it easier to automate and manage infrastructure using tools Windows admins rely on.

The latest updates include services around Group Policy Migration and Chocolatey, as well as enhancements to the Puppet VS Code Extension, and a new Puppet PowerShell DSC Builder module.

Automating critical activities

“There is a false and often costly perception that managing infrastructure as code is not relevant for the Windows admin,” said Abby Kearns, CTO at Puppet. “This is definitely not the case. We are seeing healthy growth in this sector as Windows teams continually turn to Puppet to ensure desired state and compliance across their entire infrastructure, begin migrating to Microsoft Azure, and automate critical activities like patch management with Puppet. We are committed to investing in this sector with an eye on automating at scale and making the Window admin’s life easier.”

“Puppet is committed to bringing more value to Windows teams, enabling them to modernize their technology stack without having to change their day-to-day experience,” said Mukesh Sharma, Co-Founder & COO at Chocolatey. “There has been a real shift in the Windows market, largely driven by the inability of traditional tools to easily automate. This carves out a big opportunity for Puppet and Chocolatey. Our partnership with Puppet will help organizations deploy faster in a scalable manner. Organizations will also benefit from leveraging our joint investments, as we continue to develop best practices and integrations to pave a clear path forward for Windows management.”

Latest services

Puppet’s latest services make securing and managing Windows infrastructure easier at scale:

  • Puppet Chocolatey Setup and Deployment Service: Fully automates the deployment of Windows software through installing and configuring Chocolatey as a package manager. This new service enables Window teams to efficiently deploy and make changes to Windows software at scale, accelerating the speed of deployments and supporting the expansion of automation across an entire organization.
  • Puppet Group Policy Migration Service: Identifies which Group Policy setting is best suited to manage with Puppet and consolidates them into a single interface. Enterprises are able to better track Windows configurations in a central location and can make changes to their Windows infrastructure more efficiently.

Windows native tool support

Puppet is dedicated to extending the power of continuous automation to Windows teams with their native tooling and language. Its latest tools achieve this via:

  • Optimized Code Discovery: The new Puppet PowerShell DSC Builder module extends the resources of the PowerShell Gallery to Puppet users and the Puppet Forge giving users access to all the automation that DSC provides without needing to leave the Puppet ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Change Insights: The Puppet VS Code Extension provides Windows admins full support for Puppet’s DSL and built in IntelliSense and error checking to help ensure code changes are correct before deploying changes, in the same user interface and text editor Windows admins are familiar with.