Qlik partners with Suntiva to support FDA integrated services BPA

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Qlik has partnered with Suntiva, a business transformation company, to support the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) Integrated Services BPA (blanket purchase agreement) contract awarded February 2019.

This five-year vehicle will enable the FDA to provide consistency in service delivery within the areas of Training Support Services; Learning Management System (LMS) Support; Program and Project Management; Human Capital Management; and Strategic Communications Services to FDA Offices and Centers.

The partnership between Qlik and Suntiva will help the FDA adapt to advances in technology and build a strong organizational foundation for its employees and leadership. Using Qlik’s data analytics and visualization solutions, the partnership will help uncover insights into the agency’s workforce management, operations and processes in order to further its vision to advance regulatory science, speed innovation, improve regulatory decision-making, and deliver safe products to people in need.

Integrated services delivery

“Federal agencies are faced with the insurmountable task of organizing and analyzing massive sets of data,” said Andrew Churchill, Vice President of Federal for Qlik. “Qlik is thrilled to be a part of Suntiva’s ongoing work with the agency that protects our nation’s public health. We are confident that our solutions will help the FDA in its mission while increasing data literacy across the federal government.”

The five-year vehicle will assist the FDA in its goal to enhance workforce capabilities and strengthen collaboration across its teams. Qlik will provide Suntiva with a platform to access, manage and leverage the data collected throughout the term of the vehicle.

“Success with data requires a platform that can surface opportunities and make it fast and easy to share those findings with decision makers.” said Churchill. “Qlik is looking forward to helping members and leaders of the FDA access and make sense of the data sets necessary for transforming business operations and achieving mission-critical results.”

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