Riverbed transforms employee experience at Raiffeisen Bank

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Raiffeisen Bank has selected Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity solution to transform employee experience and optimize performance of enterprise applications and digital services.

The SteelCentral implementation is part of a project within Raiffeisen Bank to build a digital workplace environment with a mobile workforce strategy that leads to improved customer advisory services and increased efficiencies. Raiffeisen is the third largest bank in Switzerland with 1.9 million cooperative members, 3.8 million clients and 880 locations throughout Switzerland. It has 196 billion Swiss francs in assets under management and 188 billion Swiss francs in loans to clients.

Raiffeisen has approximately 11,000 employees across Switzerland working from laptops, desktop and mobile devices, all connected via VPN. The employees need to complete a range of standard banking functions while mobile – from mortgage approvals to credit checks to customer engagement and support – with fast page load times and no interruptions from system updates or lack of connectivity. As such, employees must be given access to all the applications they need, from any device, at any time.

Employee experience monitoring

During a routine IT upgrade, the bank found it had to monitor the user experience of its employees manually, which was inefficient and time-consuming. Wanting a more proactive system in place which identifies problems before the employees even realized there was a problem, Raiffeisen selected Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity. This employee and end-user experience monitoring solution transforms every Raiffeisen device into a self-monitoring platform with an integrated view of the multiple streams of data, providing a comprehensive portrait of the real employee experience.

Unlike other APM products that monitor specific applications from the perspective of the data center, or device monitoring products that measure device, operating system, and app health, SteelCentral Aternity automatically monitors and correlates together the three streams of data that constitute true user experience for every app in the portfolio: user interactions; device health and performance; and application performance.

“SteelCentral Aternity has enabled us to deliver against all our success criteria to deliver a strong employee mobile experience,” said Stefan Somogyi, System Specialist Expert, Raiffeisen Switzerland. “Performance, the monitoring of applications and digital services, fast page load times, it has excelled in every use-case.”

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