Pivotal iQ IT Intelligence - Rakuten Card modernizes data architecture with Cloudera

IT Intelligence Bulletin – Processing speed more than doubles with Cloudera machine learning and analytics platform.

Cloudera has announced that Rakuten Card, one of the leading credit card companies in Japan, is using Cloudera Enterprise to scale with their growth, making more data available to their business faster to evolve and expand the business. By transitioning to a modern platform boosted by Apache Spark, Rakuten Card is now able to process data at more than twice the speed of the legacy system, making the highly stable operation of the core system possible.

With strong membership growth and an ever-increasing number of transactions, Rakuten Card needed to speed up the processing power of its mission-critical system to keep pace with business demand. Rakuten Card fully migrated from its legacy system to a modern platform with Cloudera’s solutions. The move enables high-performance, large-scale processing to support a variety of use cases, such as real-time streaming analytics, machine learning, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics.

The transition from legacy mainframe to the new platform has helped the Rakuten Card team to address and resolve performance issues that were previously a cause of concern. By leveraging the suite of operation and management tools available through Cloudera Manager, coupled with the expertise and advice from Cloudera’s support team of skilled engineers, Rakuten Card has been able to achieve optimum application performance.

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The ability to support a variety of use cases with a unified, modern platform has significantly reduced time spent on maintenance and management, allowing the Rakuten team more time to focus on growing strategic areas of the business.

“For eight consecutive years, Rakuten Card has captured the number one position in the credit card category of the Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index. We aim to become Japan’s number one credit card company by 2020,” said Yosuke Nakagawa, Vice Department Manager of the System Development Department at Rakuten Card.

“To achieve this goal, we needed to transition from using a mainframe architecture to a modern, flexible, scalable platform. Cloudera Enterprise easily exceeded all of our engineering requirements and solved the performance problems of our previous system. Cloudera’s enterprise-grade operations and management capabilities made it possible to meet our strict implementation deadlines and continue to facilitate our business growth while maximizing the performance of our application.”

“As big data technologies evolve, machine learning and data analytics are becoming an intrinsic part of operations for global enterprise businesses and our partners,” said Mark Micallef, vice president for Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera.

“Cloudera is working with Rakuten Card to help them scale their growth, take action on their data faster, and address multiple strategic objectives across all their data – on-premises and in the cloud.”

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