Routeco is first Stratus partner globally to supply next-gen ztC Edge solution

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) –Stratus Technologies has delivered its next generation ztC Edge solution to UK distributor Routeco, for a customer running Rockwell Automation software to control and monitor power within their plant.

Evolved solution

“With the latest additions to our ztC Edge computing solution, Stratus is responding quickly to the changing needs of our industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and emergency response customers, as their formerly-insulated operations are now becoming more decentralized and connected,” said Dave Laurello, CEO, Stratus. “Our heritage in fault tolerance has made Stratus the trusted choice for these companies’ computing needs, and with that, our solution has evolved to address a new set of issues around security, interoperability, and manageability.”

Analysis of real-time data at the edge

The larger, more powerful ztC Edge 110i supports customers requiring more processing and data storage for their edge workloads. Unlike simple gateway products, ztC Edge is designed for critical business applications, including those that support the collection and analysis of real-time data at the edge. It is also unlike complex IT-like computing solutions as ztC Edge is designed for operational professionals to deploy, manage and maintain on their own.

Unparalleled reliability

Building on the success of the ztC Edge 100i, Stratus has worked hard with existing customers and partners by adding performance and monitoring capability alongside an innovative in-built security feature that protects networked devices that do not protect themselves. The new features remain closely aligned to the company’s commitment to making Edge solutions that are simple, protected and autonomous. These principles, which help overcome the main barriers to adoption for Edge computing, are vital to unlocking the potential of digital transformation for industrial and retail applications with limited IT resources at the application edge.  Being Stratus, customers can expect the unparalleled reliability that is behind the company’s 38-year history, and means they are trusted by the financial sector, retail and industry alike.

“Significant capability around security”

According to Richard Sharod, VP EMEA, Stratus. “Throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we are seeing strong uptake of our Edge computing platform – be that for manufacturing, process industry, or retail applications. ztC Edge is running a vast array of tasks for different companies including SCADA, HMI and Historian in industrial organizations, operations and infrastructure, in airports, power stations, shopping malls and machine building processes. We’ve added significant capability around security with ztC Edge 110i, as well as increased reliability with fault tolerance capability.”

“An exciting platform for critical Edge Computing environments”

In receipt of the first ztC Edge 110i units last week, George Elmes, IIoT Team Leader, Routeco said, “We are delighted to be the first Stratus partner globally to supply the next generation ztC Edge solution. The simplicity of deployment and operation, matched with the ability to perform reliably in any environment makes ztC Edge an excellent choice for industrial customers. Our first sale is case in point, our mining customer needed a redundant platform to run Rockwell Automation software, which monitors and controls the power within the site. The Stratus ztC Edge 110i was chosen for its simplicity, redundancy and for the ability to work with just one vendor. This is an exciting platform for critical Edge Computing environments.”

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