ServiceNow’s India development center draws on local talent to fuel growth

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – ServiceNow has opened its new India Development Center in Hyderabad, the company’s largest research and development center in Asia and its second largest globally.

The new India Development Center demonstrates ServiceNow’s continued commitment to investment in India. This investment will play an important role in the company’s innovation efforts, where employees will focus on making advancements in Artificial Intelligence and building mobile experiences to help people work better in the future.

India Development Center teams

The India Development Center houses ServiceNow teams across various functions, including product engineering, application development, product operations and management, service engineering and customer support. In just the past two years, ServiceNow has tripled its employee base in Hyderabad.

The new facility is more than 200,000 square feet and is designed to bring to life ServiceNow’s culture of belonging by providing a modern and collaborative workplace. It is home to high‑end furnishings, purpose‑built catering and well‑being facilities.

Leveraging AI technologies

Speaking about ServiceNow’s India expansion, Mr. Rao Surapaneni, Vice President of Engineering & Head of India Product Operations, ServiceNow commented, “India’s mobile‑first tech economy rivals the world’s fastest growing technology hubs and is the right place for ServiceNow’s continued investment to support the company’s growth. Our talented and rapidly expanding teams in Hyderabad and across India are supporting global growth by leveraging AI technologies and building mobile experiences for our customers  to unlock productivity for their employees and deliver great consumer experiences. 

“We believe that the increasing development of AI technologies, coupled with a mobile‑first workplace, will make work life better. We are committed to delivering consumer‑grade mobile experiences at scale for enterprises. Our Now Platform serves as an intuitive cloud platform for delivering enterprise‑wide digital workflows through mobile‑first experiences”.

Trusted partner

Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and IT for the Government of Telangana, said: “ServiceNow has been a trusted partner for Telangana and the opening of India Development Centre in Hyderabad reinforces the IT excellence and potential for growth that the state houses. With a number of leading technology companies like ServiceNow driving core business and research operations from India, we are witnessing continued progress in employment, skilling, and industry development in the nation”.