Siemens partnership with SQS accelerates digital transformation journey via IoT and MindSphere

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — SQS (Software Quality Systems) has consolidated its relationship with Siemens by partnering with MindSphere, the cloud–based open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system. 

MindSphere, developed by Siemens, is an open platform with the ability to connect nearly any machine to any app, opening up tremendous opportunity for businesses to realise the true potential of data from their industrial machines.

SQS has been providing quality support with Siemens applications and partners for almost fifteen years including a strategic partnership with Siemens PLM.  As a Siemens partner, SQS supports its clients across three critical layers of global business transformation which include Business Agility Consulting, Embedded and Application engineering for MindSphere integration, and Continuous Quality of Things.

Extending its long-standing relationship with Siemens, SQS will now also provide independent end-to-end quality assurance of MindSphere apps for SQS customers, enabling faster business benefit realization.

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“We are excited to have SQS join the MindSphere partner ecosystem and bring their outstanding capabilities on quality applications engineering and other capabilities to our mutual customers as well as other ecosystem partners,” commented Paul Kaeley, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Siemens PLM Software. “We look forward to an expanded relationship with SQS to help these customers and partners accelerate their digital transformation journey using MindSphere.”

“Although IoT is the new, efficient and competitive way of doing business today, only a ‘smart implementation’ of IoT and MindSphere technology ensures one to get sustainable growth from this technology – this is where the SQS and MindSphere partnership will drive success,” said Diederik Vos, CEO, SQS Group.

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