Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform now fully certified for Google Cloud deployment

IT Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) — Silver Peak has announced that the business-driven Unity EdgeConnectTM SD-WAN platform is now fully certified for deployment in the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Geographically distributed enterprises can now confidently execute multi-cloud strategies with the same network and application availability and resiliency they’ve come to expect from their EdgeConnect branch site deployments. Silver Peak now boasts the broadest public cloud service partner ecosystem in the industry adding Google Cloud to existing partners Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

With this announcement, enterprise customers now benefit from the ability to host EdgeConnect across any combination of the four leading public cloud services platforms with the same ease of deployment, feature and license parity and the performance and efficiency they’ve come to expect from Silver Peak.

“Silver Peak is the only SD-WAN vendor in the industry to partner with all four leading public cloud platform providers, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle,” said Chris Helfer, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Silver Peak. “Enterprise customers gain choice and control in how they execute multi-cloud strategies in alignment with their business requirements. By harnessing the full power of the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, they can deliver the highest quality of experience to their users whether applications or services are hosted in their own data centers or across any combination of leading public cloud provider’s data centers.”

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Enterprises realize a range of compelling business benefits:

Consistent Deployment Branch to Cloud: Seamless support for cloud deployments enables enterprises to extend the reach of their SD-WAN deployments into virtual private cloud environments to deliver the highest quality of experience for SaaS applications and IaaS instances. EdgeConnect cloud instances appear and perform like any other EdgeConnect node on the network.

Ruggedized Last Mile Broadband for Cloud Connectivity: Enterprises can now leverage EdgeConnect cloud instances to achieve reliable internet access using last mile broadband services. With advanced features and capabilities, EdgeConnect ensures QoS over broadband to provide fast and reliable connections to the cloud provider’s internet peering point. For hosted voice (UCaaS) or business-critical SaaS services, enterprises can backhaul that traffic to the cloud-hosted EdgeConnect for handoff to the cloud provider’s backbone and out to the internet, delivering the highest quality of experience for that select traffic across the “last mile” — in this use case from branch sites to the cloud.

Cloud Flexibility and Investment Protection:  Enterprises in the early stages of formalizing public cloud strategies can confidently migrate on premise IT resources to any combination of the four leading public cloud platforms, knowing their cloud-hosted instances will be fully supported by the business-first EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform. More advanced cloud connected enterprises that already interwork cloud-to-cloud deployments benefit from leveraging the full power of the Silver Peak cloud ecosystem to consistently execute multi-cloud strategies.

Multi-cloud Flexibility: Enterprises now have choice in public cloud platforms, making it easier to initiate multi-cloud deployments and distribute resources across multiple cloud providers, deploying the best or most economical services from any combination of cloud providers. With EdgeConnect and the optional WAN optimization performance pack, Unity BoostTM, enterprises can accelerate data access, dramatically reduce the amount of data transferred and optimize application performance between cloud instances.

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