Sparkcentral integration with Freshworks increases digital customer service efficiency

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – Sparkcentral has announced a partnership with Freshworks, the customer engagement software company.

The partnership makes Sparkcentral’s messaging solutions available on the Freshworks Marketplace for Freshdesk.

Freshdesk is Freshworks’ omnichannel customer support software, which streamlines customer conversations across channels like email, social media, phone and chat. Freshworks provides innovative customer engagement software to businesses of all sizes, making it easy for teams to acquire, close, and keep their customers for life. Freshworks offers a full suite of customer engagement products that create compelling user experiences on phone, chat, and email, and lets businesses share a 360-degree view of relevant customer information.

One universal queue for agents

Sparkcentral’s digital customer service platform brings together messaging on channels such as WhatsApp or SMS/iMessage, social media, web and mobile chat into one universal queue for agents. Deploying a truly asynchronous agent workflow, its key focus is on maximum agent productivity. With the integration, all interactions on Sparkcentral are created as tickets within Freshdesk, allowing teams to have complete context of all customer interactions. The integration thus reduces time spent on post-contact work.

“At Freshworks, we strive to create great customer experience and with new Freshdesk integration, agents working on Sparkcentral will have the right context to craft such experiences” said Anand Venkatraman, VP of Global Partnerships at Freshworks.

Excited to be partnering with Freshworks

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Freshworks and for the Sparkcentral app to be listed on the Freshworks Marketplace” said Abhay Prasad, VP Product Management at Sparkcentral. “The integration will make both Sparkcentral and Freshworks customers even more efficient and effective on the new digital customer service channels. Our mission at Sparkcentral is to make consumers’ lives, and that of the digital care agents who serve them, significantly easier. We hope to continue to drive positive change, one happy customer at a time.”

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