SPIE Nederland selects IFS to deliver comprehensive cloud ERP solution

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – SPIE Nederland has selected IFS Applications to increase process efficiency, improve margins, and facilitate rapid integration of acquisitions.

To bolster its leading market position and ready the company for future business driven by an increasing need for digitalization, SPIE Nederland launched a comprehensive evaluation process aimed at identifying an enterprise platform that could replace its legacy business systems while improving the efficiency of all mission-critical processes.

Industry-specific capabilities

From a short list that included solutions from some of the largest vendors in the world, SPIE Nederland chose IFS Applications for its powerful scalability, evergreen architecture, intuitive user experience, and robust, industry-specific capabilities.

“Highly intuitive user experience”

“We were looking for an enterprise applications vendor that could transcend the traditional supplier role and work with us as a partner,” said Lieve Declercq, CEO, SPIE Nederland. “What attracted us to IFS, besides the broad and deep functional capabilities of IFS Applications, was its customer-first, business value-driven approach, which is apparent in all engagements we have had with the company to date. Another deciding factor was the highly intuitive user experience of its product suite, which will not only help us gain visual insights into our operations but also help us onboard new coworkers.”

“Honored to be working with SPIE Nederland”

“We are honored to be working with SPIE Nederland, which is one of the most respected names in the sector. IFS got its start in the asset-intensive, project-oriented energy sector and we are proud to have remained close to our customers in the space, and their needs. Thanks to this legacy, and what we’ve done with it, we are confident that we are uniquely positioned to help SPIE achieve its business goals,” said Glenn Arnesen, Regional President, Europe, IFS.