STAR Financial Bank powers digital transformation with Comcast Business

Tech Intelligence Bulletin (HG Insights) – STAR Financial Bank, one of Indiana’s largest community banks, has deployed high-speed connectivity and cybersecurity solutions from Comcast Business to help accelerate innovation and enhance the digital experience for its customers.

Working with Comcast Business, STAR Bank has introduced technology that allows the bank to offer more access and convenience to its customers. In particular, the bank has installed 55 Interactive Teller Machines (ITM) across its Indiana service area. The ITMs are like ATMs with one important difference. Customers can talk face-to-face with a STAR banker via a high-definition video screen. Customers enjoy extended banking hours and have access to bank services in markets where STAR doesn’t have a branch.

Flexible and scalable services

To optimize its network, STAR Bank also upgraded the connection to its primary data center with Comcast’s Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access. With Comcast Business, the bank has flexible and scalable services to allow for growth and technology deployments across its locations.

“As the digital landscape in financial services quickly evolves, we are continually seeking ways to provide customers with advanced and convenient digital experiences and engagement opportunities,” said Brian Avery, technology operations manager at STAR Bank. “The added bandwidth and greater network flexibility we get from Comcast Business are critical to our success.”

Data center protection

To protect its data center from cyber threats, STAR Bank also selected Comcast Business to help guard against Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. Comcast Business DDoS Mitigation Service, a cloud-based subscription solution requiring no hardware installation or on-premise management, helps detect common attacks, including volumetric or flood, State/TCP Exhaustion, and application layer.

“Today’s banks and financial services companies are operating in a landscape being reshaped by digital transformation,” said Jeff Marston, vice president of Comcast Business in Indiana. “Built on the largest IP network, our broadband and cybersecurity solutions help financial institutions and provide platforms for the adoption of innovative technologies like advanced analytics to help them create – and maintain – a competitive edge.”